Handmade Zeyzani Osman Style Boots special product Zey-1012


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Zeyzani Boots are all European whole sizes. Please note at this time we do not carry ½ sizes and we recommend if you fall in between suggested sizing, then consider going up to the next size or wearing a thicker or thinner sock.


Most of our boots run true to size, please see the shoe conversion chart. Please keep in mind though some of our styles can fit differently. For example, All Zeyzani Traditional Style Cowboy Boots and Pull On Cowboy Boots run bigger, so we recommend going down a size or wearing a thick cowboy boot sock. And all our Zeyzani Uptown Faux-Fur Slippers run smaller, so we recommend going at least a size up, if you like your slippers a little loser, you can go two sizes up.


For ladies with high In-Steps, any of our Zeyzani boots with back zippers are proven to be a great solution.


If you feel you have an athletic calf, you may want to consider an Ankle Boot or a MidCalf Style. Some of our Knee High Boots can be stretched in house at no additional cost (up to 2.5 inches) or at your local boot or shoe repair shop.


Please keep in mind that different styles may fit differently, so the sizing may vary accordingly.